1. Black Bean Guacamole!

    I am so insanely excited about this recipe! Ever since we’ve started cutting out processed meats (including chicken/turkey that I can’t prove to be cage-free) we’ve been feeling hungry more often through out the day! & after a little bit of research and clean eating inspired recipes I threw together this quick mix that is SO GOOD it makes me want to dance!


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  2. Vegetarian Chili

    For my first recipe, I thought I would make something that I can honestly say has been one of my favorite foods to make this year! Chili is unfortunately one of those recipes that has gotten way too complicated over time when it really isn’t that difficult (or expensive) to make!

    This awesome chili only calls for 3 main vegetables, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, 2 cans of beans (your call on what beans to use) and 1 can of yummy sweet corn kernels!

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